Harnessing the power of vaccination

Historically thought of as a weapon to combat infectious disease, we believe vaccination has the potential to revolutionize practically any aspect of health care.

Our Vision

Saiba AG develops novel vaccines for unmet medical needs. The vaccines are optimized for chronic diseases with a focus on the elderly and old people. Main areas of development are vaccines against chronic inflammatory diseases, such as psoriasis and multiple sclerosis, as well as Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s disease.

Vaccines against malaria and pandemic flu are additional areas of focus.

Our Technology

We use virally shaped nanoparticles as a scaffold for the generation of tailor-made vaccines. The nanoparticle base of the vaccines tricks the immune system into believing to be under viral attack, causing a strong immune response against the displayed antigen.

The technology has been optimized to induce strong immune responses in all individuals, including the more senior citizens.

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Our Team

The founder of Saiba AG combines unique expertise in biotech, vaccinology and immunology. Saiba AG combines unique knowhow from biotech as well as basic research.

In addition to key scientific personnel, Saiba employs a large academic and pharma network as well as professional advisors.

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