Our Technology

With the effective control of infectious diseases in many parts of the world, chronic, often non-communicable diseases have become the single largest cause of death and disability.

Treatment of such chronic diseases is expensive and often ineffective. There is therefore a major need for novel treatment modalities to prevent rather than treat chronic diseases and that are available at affordable costs.

VLP-based conjugate vaccines

Inducing long-lived antibody responses by vaccination against endogenous molecules, which are normally targeted by monoclonal antibodies, represents a promising way to tackle this issue.

We use virally shaped nanoparticles as a scaffold for the generation of tailor-made vaccines. The nanoparticle base of the vaccines tricks the immune system into believing to be under viral attack, causing a strong immune response against the displayed antigen.

Despite effective control of many of the deadly infectious diseases by vaccination, there remains a substantial number of important pathogens for which there exists no effective preventive tool based on immunization.

Modern vaccine design consists of an optimized antigen rendered immunogenic by formulation in adjuvants or presentation on an immunogenic scaffold.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) are the most immunogenic recombinant scaffold for display of antigens with strong Proof-of-Concept (PoC) in man. This technology has been optimized to induce strong immune responses in all individuals, including the more sensitive groups like senior citizens.