Our Services

Saiba can assist you in a number of ways, ranging from strategic planning consultation, to offering of licencing of proprietary technology through to complete development of your project.


With the experience by world-leading vaccination expert Professor Martin Bachmann on board, Saiba knows about the potentials as well as the pitfalls of translational immunology projects. We can advise you on possibilities, options, and strategies.


With a portfolio of intellectual property on a variety of aspects of vaccination and freedom to operate, we are in a position to licence out upstream rights tailored to your application.


We have a variety of partners who collaborate with Saiba to guide vaccines through early stage of development. Covering all aspects from plan through to proof-of-principle pre-clinical studies, Saiba can guide your project to the point of scale up to GMP-approved manufacture. Saiba have an established network of partnering institutions with a documented track record to deliver all resources required for your project (small scale production / GMP-grade vaccines / pre-clinical testing /regulatory guidance).