Saiba AG Shows encouraging preclinical data for its COVID-19 VLP-based vaccine

(PFÄFFIKON), March 25, 2020 — Saiba AG, , has developed a proprietary platform technology based on immunologically optimized virus-like particles. This platform technology has now enabled scientists to establish preclinical proof-of-concept for a vaccine against COVID-19.

The vaccine candidate has been able to induce in test animals high levels of antibodies that neutralize the novel corona virus. Induction of neutralizing antibodies is the goal of all antiviral vaccines including vaccines against hepatitis B, human papilloma and polio virus. To our knowledge, this is the first such vaccine candidate.

As the vaccine has been able to induce high levels of antibodies within a week in test animals, we hope that there might be an opportunity for therapeutic intervention. The novel vaccine candidate is based on the highly scalable CuMVtt vaccine platform and we expect to be able to produce millions to billions of doses in a relatively short time.